Saturday, November 6, 2010

Your competitors have websites. Do you?

MAWEBCENTERS provides small and medium size business with a total web solution. This video showcases some of the features and cost savings. Harris Interactive in October 28 recently came out with a study entitled "Troubles for Traditional Media - Both Print and Television" on media consumption over the next 10 years. They stated:

"Traditional media is in trouble. Newspapers are struggling with circulation and magazines like Newsweek are being sold for $1. And, while two-thirds of online Americans (67%) still agree that they prefer to get their news in more traditional ways such as network television and/or reading newspapers or magazines in print, over half of Americans online (55%) say traditional media as we currently know it will no longer exist in ten years. Additionally, half (50%) say they tend to get almost all their news online".

What does this mean for you? Without a web presence your business will not be able to compete with companies having a solid web presence. See the video.

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