Sunday, March 2, 2008

What happens to the lead after a click?

A while ago, I was speaking with the president of a Search Engine Marketing company. I believe his company to be a fine organization. I asked him a question prefacing it by stating that at the end of a click is a name and address. How will his company monetizes that name and address from a lead to a customer or (if it was a sales generated campaign) a repeat customer. His answer was revealing They did not get involved with that end of the marketing. It was left up to their client. This same company president also stated that one of his clients wanted to know who were their best customers based on the names generated. He could not help his client.

Now, put yourself in the eyes of that president's customer. What if the SEM company could provide an integrated SEM and monetize those best customers. How much more valuable would that SEM company be viewed? Equally important, that would be a real differentiator in a very competitive marketplace. I have seen no differentiator separating themselves from competitors. Each is selling a better mouse trap. While I am sure each is good in their own right, the value proposition, from the customer's perspective, is neutral.
Search is here to stay. It is a very ROI driven medium. In it's evolution, SEM companies have to go to the next step and integrate traditional database marketing.
If you have any questions how to accomplish this, we would love to hear from you and answer your questions.

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